10 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Host

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When choosing a website host, you should not just look at the price. There are many factors to consider when choosing.

In this article, I present 10 tips for the choosing the right web host

Why is the web host choice so important?

Depending on your own requirements, different web hosts offer advantages and disadvantages.

And so it can happen that you have very good content, but by a poor web host choice it is far from as successful as it could have been.
That’s annoying, of course.
Therefore, the following tips should be used

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Host

In the following, I would like to give 10 tips to consider when searching for a suitable web host.

It is important to analyze which requirements you have and what you want to implement.

1. Host Addons

Not too many

You don’t have to start with the dedicated server immediately if you want to launch a small blog. And even for a somewhat larger project, it doesn’t have to be the top-notch server. You should also pay attention to what additional services are included. It’s annoying when you pay for various features that you don’t even need.

Not too little

But you shouldn’t start too small. If you want to start a shop, you should not choose a cheap shared hosting plan. Whoever saves here in the wrong place will regret this quickly.

2. Technology

The technology of the host is of course interesting. The current offers and how often the technology base is improved. Also, statistics about downtime and average call times of websites at a host are very interesting.

It also depends on your own needs, which features, such as databases, programming languages, etc., you need. If you are not technically fit, you may have to install pre-installed software.

3. Support

Most people don’t care about support. But if problems arise, good and fast support is very important. And even if I did not contact my support every week, I was always very quick to help with the previous inquiries. That’s worth cash.

4. SEO

Depending on the strategy you follow, Search Engine Optimization should play an important role in the selection of the host. Many SEOs, for example, put a lot of emphasis on different IP-circuits in order to be able to link their websites to each other for the SEO advantage.

Web site loading times also play an important role in Search Engine Optimization and should not be ignored. In addition, a server in the country whose users you want to address is usually also a small SEO advantage. If you want to reach US users, you should try to find a US host as well.

5. Content Type

The kind of content you want to publish is very important when choosing a suitable host. Plain text content does not require a very powerful hosting plan. If you want to publish a lot of videos or e.g. Flash websites, you should also pay attention to the host’s memory usage and bandwidth limit.

6. Scalability

As with the first two points, it is important to make sure that you choose the most suitable hosting at the start. But over time, hopefully, if you project is growing, you should choose the host which can grow with you. Therefore, the web host choice should be made to ensure that a switch to a higher fare is not only as easy as possible, but also smoothly implemented by the web host.

7. Practical experience

Own experiences or those of other web-masters are a good selection criterion. It is very enlightening when you learn about individual websites, on which host and which tariff they run. It is usually very good to estimate what you need for your own project.

8. Web Host Recommendations

Recommendations from colleagues and friends can also help you make the right choice. It is generally a good help if you can rely on the opinions of others you trust.

9. Price/performance

Of course, the price also plays a role in the choice of a host. However, the price should always be judged in relation to the offered performance.

The more you take note of these tips, the more informed decision you will take. And a lower the risk of the wrong decision.

10. Conclusion

The price is not everything. Before choosing a web host, you should analyze your own requirements and use the other tips to find exactly the right host.

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