WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Your visitors hate waiting. Increase conversions by improving your website speed.

Why should you improve your website speed?

  • Website speed has direct impact on your revenue.
  • Google has indicated speed to be a ranking factor.
  • Pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time on page.
  • 47% of customers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 73% of mobile Internet visitors say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load.
Impact of 1 second on Website revenue

Our Process

  • You send us details about your site

    You send the details such as hosting, your expected load time etc.

  • We inspect the site

    We have a look at your site through various tools & send you a detailed report with a quote.

  • You agree

    You device whether you’d like us to begin working. You share the login credentials.

  • We do the MAGIC

    We do a few hours of work on your site. Your site won’t face any downtimes while we are working on it.

  • Enjoy a faster website

    You will soon notice lower bounce rates, & improved conversions & ultimately, an increased revenue.

How do we optimize WordPress for speed?

  • We have tons of tried and tested techniques to increase WordPress speed and have found the best techniques which actually works & offer the best results.
  • Our WordPress Speed Optimization service not only makes your website fast, it makes it one of the fastest websites out there.
  • Right from basic steps like caching, advanced server setup & everything in between.
  • Minification of HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  • Advanced server setup for best performance & scalability.

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