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WordPress Speed

Why improve your WordPress website speed?

Your entire site speed is significant for the overall performance of your business. There are tons of reasons why site speed optimization matters. Most online business owners ignore how crucial page speed is to rank higher in Google search results, drive traffic and obtain the required revenue goals.

Improves Search Ranking

It is no secret that the faster your site loads, the higher Google ranks it in search results. So, if you want your WordPress site to rank higher on search engines, especially Google, you need to optimize your website to load lightning fast. Page speed is a determining factor for a website's quality and hence the tendency to drive traffic. This fact was supported by a thorough study conducted by Backlinko that further favours the significance of speed optimization.

Better User Experience

Imagine checking out an apparently perfect website that takes ages to load. It must be very annoying, no matter how excellent the website seems. A slow website would not only decline the number of visitors but may also affect the current customers. On the other hand, a speed optimized website will ultimately lead to a better user experience, resulting in a low bounce rate. That is why Google considers the Optimal User Experience the most signifying metric for a website's overall performance.

Improve Conversion Rate

A fast loading website will lead your business towards progression as it improves the conversion rate. A visitor would never want to stay on a webpage that takes ages to load, let alone perform the targeted action. Around 70% of web shoppers impact an online store's loading speed (Unbounce, 2019). Walmart discovered a 2% increase in conversion rate for every 2 second improvement of page speed.

Improve Page Views

The site speed directly affects the number of web pages viewed by the users. The lower the rate of your website, the lesser the chances of users visiting more than one page. According to a survey, when the average website load time is 2 seconds, the users visit 5.6 more pages than when the speed is slower.
Optimization Service

Why Quvor For WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Looking for the best and an all-rounder WordPress speed optimization service provider? Quvor should be your first choice. We at Quvor speed up your slow WordPress websites and improve the overall site's performance using the latest technologies without overloading the resources.

Focus on Core Web Vitals

Considering their importance, our primary focus while optimizing the speed of your WordPress website is the core web vitals. At Quvor, we take Google CVW as a roadmap for improving your website’s load times and determining what should be done for further updates.

Experienced Team

When we say we are the best, we say it because we HAVE the best. Quvor is one of the oldest WordPress speed optimization companies with a leading and proficient team. We have hired top-of-the-level web developers and WordPress experts to make your work smooth and provide you with a faster site. Our qualified professionals are there to guarantee 90% plus results in Google PageSpeed Insights.


Quvor is not an ordinary WordPress speed optimization firm. We offer a full money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the results. We tend to establish a long-term trustable partnership with our customers.

Free website audit

Your website’s free audit is just one click away, providing you with a brief performance report. This report will give you a rough idea about the overall performance of your website and will help you to further plan your SOP, which will help your site to load faster.

Great Customer Support

Quvor provides you with the best customer technical support you have ever experienced because our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. Our customer support team monitors the client’s site performance during the service and tries to answer all their queries.


What Factors We Consider While Optimizing Your WordPress Website

Most website speed optimization services use plugins to speed up WordPress, neglecting the root cause of sluggish load times. While this may be a quick way to improve WordPress speed, it's just not enough to create a stable, blazing fast website that leaves a powerful, lasting impression on its visitors. At Quvor, we do things differently.

Our approach involves a rigorous analysis of your WordPress site, using the latest technologies to identify bottlenecks and ease the burden on resources. The result? A website that exceeds visitors' expectations and absorbs unanticipated peaks in traffic more efficiently.
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While optimizing your WordPress powered website, we consider the following factors:

Start Render Time

The Start Render Time refers to the time taken by the first content to render on the webpage, regardless of its full size or preference for the visitor. It tells the visitor that the page is loading, things are in progress, and the rest of the page elements should display soon.

TTFB (Time to First Byte)

This metric analyzes the duration from the visitors’ browser initiating the ‘HTTP request’ to the first byte transmitted back by the server. The browser will then display the page to the user as soon as it receives the content. In other words, TTFB is used to judge the responsiveness of the resources and web servers involved in building up your site’s content to display on users’ screens.

First Paint Time

First Paint Time highlights the time it takes for the browser to render anything unique from what’s displayed on the screen before navigation. By labelling it as ‘first paint time’, the expression says that building up something on the user’s screen is fine, but there’s more to come.

Time to Above-the-Fold Visual Completion

This metric measures web speed performance by analyzing the time it takes for a video/graphic/text to appear in the area of a webpage that’s immediately visible to the user when they open it. It does that by using heuristics in a filmstrip or video view of a loading webpage, focusing on what the visitor sees and simultaneously delivering consistent outcomes across different browsers and platforms.

Time to Interactivity (TTI)

Time to Interactivity is a user-centric performance metric that reveals the time it takes for a webpage to turn interactive, which is the point where most of the visible elements have event handlers registered, some helpful content has appeared on the page, and the page responds to the user’s requests within 50-60 seconds as they interact with it – the experience of the user does not sink.

DOM Content Loaded Time

This metric analyzes the impact of parser blocking javascript, which helps WordPress site owners optimize the critical rendering path. Also, it indicates that the render tree is ready to be built. domContentLoaded will be activated when the first HTML is wholly parsed and loaded, even though the subframes, visuals, and stylesheets are yet to load.

Google’s Speed Index

Speed Index is the most important metric of all. It measures the time it takes for the user to start seeing the content on a webpage. Its algorithm is coded to leverage a ‘histogram’ from the site’s video frame as it begins to load. Speed Index is typically calculated by multiplying the Interval time with the following equation: 1 – visual completion/100. 500 milliseconds is the time that accounts for the intervals, and visual completeness refers to the quantity of ‘above-the-fold’ content that has appeared on the page. In layman’s language, the Speed Index calculates how long it takes for a little browser wheel to stop spinning.

How We Will

How Will We Optimize Your Website?

Server Optimization

Our server optimization service is designed to help you utilize your hosting while providing top-of-the-line server performance.

Optimize JS and CSS

Superfluous scripts and styles may cause your website to slow down, and we hate it. However, we love making your website load faster by removing all unnecessary CS, JS and HTML codes.

Content delivery network (CDN)

Having a CDN is good, but that doesn’t solve the real problem. We focus on the real issues, and adding a CDN on poorly designed websites isn’t the best solution. It’s like using a band-aid on a fracture.

Optimize Database Queries

WordPress is a database-intensive CMS. And having a bad plugin can drag your website speed. We find the plugin which drags your website performance and fix the problem.

Enable Compression

To ensure your site loads quickly for all visitors and users, we use the Gzip compression, the most popular method. This makes your site load faster.

Leverage Browser Caching

One of our responsibilities is browser caching. One way we do this is by saving a cached copy of your web page on your visitor’s browser. This saves time because the web page loads faster from their browser’s cache than from our servers.

Reduce Server Response Time

Reducing server response time, also known as “time to first byte” (TTFB), is important because it affects the user experience. A slow TTFB can cause a poor user experience due to a longer page loading time.

Cache configuration

We’ll set up the optimal caching system for your site. Implementing a proper caching system is essential for improving the performance and scalability of a website. 

Database Optimization

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

Specifying different versions of your page (the other links you can click) using Query Strings will let Google index them separately and show you more in the search engine results pages.

Image Optimization and Image Compression

For a fast loading website, we optimize the images of your site in order to avoid excessive loading of resources. Also, we are experts at reducing the image size while keeping the resolution intact.

Our Process

WordPress Speed Optimization Process at Quvor

The first step at Quvor for your WordPress speed optimization service is consultation, during which we understand your requirements and how your website works. We discuss your challenges and understand why your website is slow.

Next, we offer a performance audit for your website along with a quote(for complex sites). The brief and detailed website performance report helps us decide the future action plan, initiated immediately after we have a discussion. 

After the estimate is approved & credentials are shared, we plan optimizing the site internally. We get in touch with you, if we have any doubts. If not, we complete the optimization process and notify you. 

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Custom Optimization

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Quvor delivers a wide range of personalized WordPress support and maintenance plans according to your website's requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to optimize my slow WordPress website?

    Most WordPress speed optimization services are done within 7 working days. But it may vary depending on the website’s complexity.

  • Are you going to redesign/rebuild my website?

    No! We will not make any design or functionality changes on your website.

  • How faster will my website be after availing your speed optimization service?

    Although we don’t make blanket promises, most of the websites we have worked on load in under 2 seconds.

  • Do I need to migrate my hosting provider/company to avail your WordPress speed optimization services?

    It is not needed if a reputed hosting company hosts your website. However, you may opt to migrate to our custom setup for the best results.

  • How do I check my website speed?

    You can check your website speed using GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, or Web Page Test.

  • What are the plugins you work with?

    It depends on the website. One size doesn’t fit all.

  • Are there any chances to face downtime while my site's speed is boosted?

    No. We will work on a staging website if the site is complex enough. There will not be any downtime for most websites.

  • Do you have any money back or refund policy?

    Of course! If we aren’t able to improve your website speed, we will 100% refund your money. However, no one has ever asked for a refund. In fact they only gave us more work.

  • If I want to get more than one WordPress website optimized, will you offer a discount?

    Very likely. Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you.

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